First Folio Productions


First Folio Productions is a repertory theater company whose resident actors are dedicated to “The Lazarus Initiative” -- bringing classical theater to life.  Founded in 2006 ( as the Lawrenceburg Shakespeare Co.) the group has performed in multiple venues to several thousand people.  Now First Folio is performing in Central Indiana.  We take our name from the first published long format of Shakespeare’s plays  -- “Today, many theatre companies and festivals producing the works of Shakespeare use the First Folio as the basis for their theatrical productions and training programs.”


       We don't read and write poetry because

        it's cute. We read and write poetry

        because we are members of the human race.

        And the human race is filled with passion.

        Medicine, law, business, engineering,

        these are all noble pursuits, and necessary

        to sustain life. But poetry, beauty,

        romance, love, these are what we stay alive

        for. To quote from Whitman: "O me, o life

        of the questions of these recurring, of the

        endless trains of the faithless, of cities

        filled with the foolish. What good amid

        these, o me, o life? Answer: that you are

        here. That life exists, and identity.

        That the powerful play goes on, and you

        may contribute a verse. That the powerful

        play goes on and you may contribute a  verse.

        What will your verse be?
                                                           Tom Schulman





“What a piece of Work is Man...”